Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 29: Crying Photo

These last few days I am veering off from my original plans. I had wanted to take a jumping picture, but every picture that I took of BB jumping turned out all blurry, so I had to change my plans. I decided to add in these two pictures. They represented my day (and most days) yesterday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays BB does not go to preschool. Since he is home all day that makes it a tough one for all of us. BB doesn't want LB touching his toys or even getting near them. Just the other day LB was just crawling around and not even close to one of BB's toys, but BB was convinced that LB wanted to play with it, so he ran over and started yelling at him :( Anyway, most Tuesdays and Thursdays it is me "yelling" at BB to stop hurting his brother, stop taking toys away, stop yelling at his get the idea. BB makes LB cry and then once LB cries and I go to comfort him BB starts to cry. It really is such a viscous cycle. I can't remember exactly what was going on here, but LB was holding onto the table and crying (you can't tell that he is crying) and BB was on the ground crying. All I could do at that point was get out my camera and start taking pictures! It actually helped in calming BB down, which was nice. I am hoping that Thursday will be a better day and I think that it will because we have a playdate in the morning and then my sister in-law is in town and she is really good with entertaining the boys and keeping BB out of trouble!

Day 28: A First Photo

I am not sticking to my plan again because I ended up taking a picture of something else that I wanted to post about instead. A friend of mine was going to be out of town, so she gave me her tickets to the LA Dodger's baseball game. I thought that it would be something really fun to take Big Bubs too. It would be his very first baseball game. We don't have TV, so he has no idea about sports and we talked to him for about a week about what baseball was and how much fun it was going to be. He was very excited about it and was so close to not being able to go because he was being mean to his brother, but he ended up redeeming himself and we went (Little Bubs stayed home because it was his bedtime). We got to the game and BB seemed very interested in it all. When we sat down in our seats BB was only interested in the seats and not so much the game. He kept getting in and out of the seat. He would get out and watch the seat go up, and then he would pull the seat down and get in it and do the whole process over. It was really cute to watch. Whenever the crowd would clap, he would join them too. A family sitting next to us was really into the game and they would yell things out and that would make BB yell some random things out too because he thought that is what you are supposed to do. We also got some peanuts and BB enjoyed opening the shells up and tossing them on the ground. BB told us at the end of the 4th inning that he was tired and wanted to go home (it was past his bedtime). We left the game, but had a really nice time. BB even got to see a home run! This photo is of him in our seats at the game.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Day 27: Shadow Photo

I got the shadow idea from Pinterest and I thought that it was such a cool idea. The original photo was of two kids holding a sign that says, "We Love You Daddy!" How cute is that? I would have copied it, but I didn't feel like making a big sign and I would have needed either cardboard or really sturdy paper. I decided to give the idea a try and just do something simple. This is what I came up with and it was really easy to do and I think that it turned out great. What a cute idea for a card or to send an email! The only bad thing about this picture is that we had to take it outside and the weather was soooooo HOT! Good thing it only took two shots!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 26: Someone I Love Photo

My three boys and me!

Day 25: Bug Photo

A bug photo wasn't on my original plan, but I changed some things up. I decided that I am not going to take the "My Best Body Part Photo." If you were wondering what I was going to take a picture of for that photo it was going to be my legs from the knees down :) Anyway, I had to take some bug photos because we have these bugs on our corn plants and I don't know what they are. The bugs that were on them earlier were a bright orange color and their body looked thinner than these bugs. The orange ones are gone, but these ones are there. I don't know if the orange ones turned into these ones, or if these are new bugs. I am thinking that maybe the orange ones turned into these because there is still some orange on these bugs. Anyone reading this (especially Denise) if you know what these bugs are please let me know! Will they hurt my plants and if so, how would I get rid of them?

Day 24: House/Home Photo

I decided not to take a picture of the outside of my house because it is pretty boring! A brown and tan house with a lot of brown paint that is faded with some lovely 70s style rocks on the house with a boring lawn and driveway that completes the outside! I thought that a picture that would best represent my house for what it is known for would be our formal living room, aka the DISCO ROOM! I think that most of you that read this know the story, but if you don't here it goes: Before I knew my husband he bought this house and was living in it all bachelor style. He got emailed something from a friend about this new show that was going to renovate your house in seven days and they were looking to do a Star Trek themed renovation. Being the geek that he is he decided that he would sign-up for it because he couldn't lose anything and the house was a blank canvas because it was a bachelor pad. Well, the producers came to the house and looked at it and they said let's do something 70s because your house is very 70s. 1) Yes, it is very 70s and we are slowly doing upgrades to make it not look so 70s and 2) THANK GOD they didn't stick to the plan of doing a Star Trek home! Since the show was an "extreme" makeover they decided to do 70s Disco Party! For a week my husband and his two roommates lived in a trailer outside while the house was renovated. In the living room they put in a light up disco floor (it even goes with the music). They put in a huge disco ball that comes in and out of the attic. They added furniture, and some cool lighting. In the dining room they put in shag carpeting (they put it in throughout the whole house too!), added a 70s table and light fixture. They made the bar area into a stylish 70s bar. In the bedroom they made a rotating bookcase that has a wet bar on the other side. This bookcase also opens up into the bathroom. The coolest thing was the round rotating bed. When I first saw the place it was very much like something out of the Austin Power's movies.

We have gotten rid of a lot of the stuff (including the round rotating bed because a regular bed was more fitting), but we do not want to get rid of our disco floor. It is cool having a disco floor and people seem to love it. The area has become the kids' play area and it is a perfect space for it. People refer to our house as the "Disco House." That is why I thought it was appropriate to have a picture of the disco room.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Day 23: Food Photo

I decided to do a food photo today because I wanted to show what I have finally been getting from my garden. This year I planted my garden super duper late! In years past I have usually started a good majority of them from seed, but as June passed I figured that I just needed to go ahead and buy plants from a nursery. I didn't get around to buying the plants until the 4th of July weekend. It was then that I planted everything. I was seeing a lot of pictures and hearing about all of the veggies that friends were getting and my plants were still growing. Finally, last week and this week the veggies started growing bigger and were getting big enough to pick! I'm really excited about that. I am really amazed at how fast and big zucchini grow. I read that you need to pick them when they are a medium size, but for two of them I waited a little too long. I LOVE how I got a Siamese yellow squash! A couple of the cherry tomatoes are from a rogue plant (which was also from a rogue plant). Then we have a couple of eggs from our chickens (Foghorn and Betsy). In the background of the picture is our homemade Sous-Vide Cooker! We were cooking up some steak tonight for dinner. A really cool looking thing that cooks the steaks perfectly!

You get two pictures today!!! Tonight I decided to try making Zucchini Fries. Of course, I got this idea from Pinterest (if you need an invite let me know and I'll send you one or you could just go there and sign-up too!). They looked really good and since I had all of this zucchini from my garden I thought that I would give it a try. They tasted delicious!!! Her recipe calls for milk, but I used rice milk. I also didn't have Italian seasoning bread crumbs, so I just used regular bread crumbs and tossed in some Italian seasoning. Lastly, I had grated Parmesan cheese. I was very pleasantly pleased.

I have also determined that I am not a good food photo taker! I imagine that this food would look a lot more appealing if it was photographed well :)

Day 22: Kids Photo #2

On Tuesday I had a craft playdate at my house. It was a lot of fun and I think that everyone had a good time. I wanted to do something that was cheap, easy, and something all ages could do. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am addicted to the site Pinterest. It was from this site that I got the idea for Dyeing Rice and playing with it. I would have never have thought of this idea on my own and I am so grateful that we live in the age of computers and internet because I get great ideas! Anyway, on the table is a whole bunch of plates filled up with the colored rice. Big Bubs and some of his friends are gluing the rice on paper to make beautiful pictures!!

I should also mention that before the playdate was going to start BB was hanging out in his underwear. He LOVES to just wear underwear or be nude around the house. I kept telling him that his friends were going to be over soon and he should put some clothes on, but he kept telling me "no." Once everyone started arriving he got a little shy and went and put some pajama bottoms on. You can't tell from this picture, but all of his pajama bottoms are getting a bit small, so they are a little tight and short on him :)

Day 21: Free Choice Photo

Today was a pretty laid back day and there wasn't much going on. Big Bubs went to preschool, so the Little B and I had the place to ourselves! It is nice when it is just LB and myself because LB gets to do a lot of exploring and playing with toys that he normally doesn't get to do when BB is around. I had brought out this blue chair for some reason (I wish that I could remember why) and LB was having a really fun time grabbing it and using it to hold onto while he stood up. I got some cute pictures, but I thought that this was the funniest of the bunch!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 20: Sunset or Sunrise Photo

Since I am never awake for a sunrise I knew that I would have to take a sunset picture. So last night I kept waiting for the sun to go down (it took forever!) and I went into my backyard and took this picture. It isn't a great picture and the sunset isn't all that great, but it is all that I had to work with. My house is surrounded by a ton of other houses and I am on the bottom of a hill, so there are not great views. I also was just tired and wanted to get the picture taken. The one cool thing is that I managed to snap the picture with an airplane in it :)

Also, this morning I was up before the sun because LB is not sleeping well at all. I think that he may have a cold, which is causing his horrible sleeping the past few nights. I laughed a little because I thought, "of course I would be awake for a sunrise after I just took my sunset picture the night before!" The sunrise did look prettier, but oh well! Here is to hoping that I don't see another sunrise for awhile!

Day 19: Happy Picture

This is my friend Stephanie and we are at a workshop for the MOMS Club. The workshop was for all of the board members of our group (I'm the President!) to learn about the club and get answers to questions that we had about running the group. I found that the workshop was really informative and I had a great time. I learned a lot and became more passionate about my position and what we can do with the club. Overall, it was a really happy day! I also got some adult time with other cool moms without the boys. I don't think that I have been away from Little Bubs for that long, but it was nice to get that break. Him and his big brother did awesome with just dad! Plus, I got a cupcake with my lunch and that makes me really happy :)

Day 18: Someone or Something sleeping

I was really hoping that I could sneak a picture of either of the boys sleeping, but that was out of the question! Little Bubs takes naps, but he wakes up pretty easily when there are noises, so I decided that I wouldn't risk accidentally waking him up. Then Big Bubs only sleeps during the night and by the time he is in bed it is too dark and I am sure that a bright flash would wake him up. The easiest subjects for this day would be the animals. All they seem to do is sleep, so this would be an easy photo to take. Bella is my cat who is sleeping on the chair. She is the crankiest cat that we have, but she tends to hang out in the living room more than the other cats. On the couch is Bella's cousin Bug. Bug was visiting us for the day and when he does visit he just mostly sleeps on the couch. It is pretty funny because those two are always sleeping in close proximity of one another, but always with a barrier!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Little Break

I just wanted to let the few people that read this blog know that I have been keeping up with the pictures, but when the evening comes I am pretty wiped out and don't want to upload the photos and update the blog. I will definitely update it tomorrow!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 17: Addiction Photo

Surprise, surprise my addiction is the computer! Specifically three sites: Google Mail for my email, Facebook, and Pinterest. I have to check these every day and more than once a day. I always start off my day by checking my email and FB. I wish that I wasn't so addicted to these sites, but it is my connection to the outside world and friends. When I was thinking about addictions I was going to take a picture of some Trader Joe's hummus and Honey Pretzels, but I ate the last that I had today and I don't have them everyday, but they are a close second! With Pinterest I had started to see that friends and some of the blogs I follow were using it. I decided to sign-up and once I did and started using it I became completely addicted. If you haven't heard of the site I suggest you take a look. You might become addicted too!

Day 16: Something You Love Photo

Something that I love is animals! This is our dog Lucy, who we have had for five years now. She is a really great dog and has been beyond great with the boys. We love her to pieces! I also love lots of animals. We have four cats and five chickens too. We also do not live on a big property. If we did live somewhere with a much bigger yard I know that we would have more animals. I would love to have goats, sheep, pigs, a cow, lizards, turtles, ducks, the list goes on and on. I think that I need to live on a farm :) Right now I am obsessed with getting a second dog. When we adopted Lucy there was another litter of puppies at the shelter where we got her from. I had really wanted one of the other puppies, but my husband wanted Lucy more. Lucy was super cute and she was already potty trained, which was a huge plus. We ended up going with her and I was not disappointed in that decision. Well, I just happened to be looking at the shelter's website and I saw that one of the dogs from the litter that I wanted was returned to the shelter :( They said that something traumatic happened in the family and it broke up and she was returned. It made me sad and I just wanted to adopt her. I'm going to go check her out, but I have a feeling that she won't be a good fit for us because they don't know how she is with kids and chickens. Also, Lucy has some dog aggression issues when she first meets a dog. Plus, I think that I have to be a little crazy to want another dog!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 15: Something Old Photo

Today's challenge has been a hard one for me. I was going to do it a couple of days ago, but I couldn't think of anything that was "old." There is this tree that is 600 years old, but that would require me to drive a half hour and pay some money to get into the place where it is at and I didn't feel like doing that. Then this week I was planning on going to the beach with some friends and I thought that taking a picture of the Ocean would be a great one for something old. You really can't get much older than the Ocean, right? Well, that idea was thrown out the window because there is no way that I can watch both boys with just myself. BB likes to be in the water and LB just wants to crawl around and eat sand. If I had someone coming with me to watch one of the boys it wouldn't have been so challenging. I had been thinking and thinking of what to take a picture of. I thought of my house, but then I realized that my husband is older than the house and I should just take a picture of him. I was getting out the camera tonight to take a picture of him and I saw his watch. I asked him if the watch was older than he was and he said, "yes!" The watch isn't that much older than him, but it is and even though it isn't that old in the scheme of things it will have to do!

His watch is a 1969 Omega Speedmaster Pro. This watch came from my Father in-law. My husband and his siblings didn't know that this watch existed until recently. My husband is a watch officiando (okay, not really but he knows his watches) and ended up with the watch and was thrilled about it. He is also looking forward to one day passing it on to either of the boys. This watch is the watch that they wore on the moon and for more information on the story you should read this blog post. A pretty cool watch, if you ask me :)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Day 14: Black and White Photo

I have had on my to do list to clean my car forever! It really needs a good cleaning inside and out. Since I don't have a lot of free time to clean my car I have had to do it all in pieces. Two weeks ago I vacuumed my car (except for the very back), last week I scrubbed the row of seats that the boys sit in (it was so dirty and disgusting!). I decided that I would wash it today. It was nice outside and I figured that I could put LB in the playpen and BB could help me wash the car. BB was excited about it and looking forward to it. I got a bucket (a sand toy one of course because I couldn't find any other bucket), filled it up with soap and then BB got working on my car. He took that car cleaning rag and wiped one side of my car with it and then decided that he was done with that and would rather play in my car :( It cracks me up when he is in my car because he wants to turn the music on really loud, but he is either listening to The Journey Home From Grandpa's (I had no idea that youtube had this on video! Nathan would LOVE this so much!) or NPR. Not really "bumping" music to be playing!

I only managed to get the right side and front of my car washed. LB was done being in the playpen, so I had to get him and trying to wash a car one handed with a baby that is squirmy is very hard! I figure that tomorrow I will get the left side and the back. You may ask yourself why I just don't take my car in to get it clean? It wouldn't take that long and it doesn't cost that much. Well, my issue is that whenever I take my car in to get cleaned they never do a really thorough job, like the way I do it. Plus, bringing the boys sounds like too much of a hassle to me. The last time I went to a car wash BB freaked out because he thought the people were taking my car and wouldn't give it back :) I should just go and do it though because at the rate I am going it will be a never ending project...oh, I did find two screws in one of my tires, which I wouldn't have known about if I had not been washing my car!

Day 13: Something New Photo

A baby that is 13 days old seemed like the perfect subject for this blog photo, "Something New." My friend Carol had her baby boy Maddox on 8/1/11 and he is adorable. When I went to go drop off a meal for their family I got to meet the little guy. It is funny to me how easily one forgets how small newborns are. Little Bubs is only 10 months old, but I forgot that he was once so tiny (pictures always make the babies look bigger than what they are too). The whole time that I was there visiting, Maddox was passed out and looked like he was in a food coma :) It was nice meeting the new guy and catching up with some friends. Prior to having kids I never even thought about how bringing a meal to a family that has just had a baby would be one of the best gifts ever. After I had LB friends brought us meals for two weeks. It was so nice not to have to think about cooking and cleaning up for dinner. It was the best gift and now whenever I have a friend that is having a baby I always want to make sure I bring them a dinner. There is this great site that lets someone organize meals to bring to a family. If you know of a friend or family member that will be having a baby soon, please offer to bring them a meal because it really does mean a lot!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Day 12: Something I Love To Do Photo

Something that I love to do is read! I got a Kindle last year and that is how I read my books now. Having a Kindle has made reading viable for me with a baby. I have been able to get a lot of reading down when I am nursing, which seems to be a lot of the time. Being able to hold the Kindle in one hand has been so great for me. I think that if I didn't have my Kindle I wouldn't have been able to read as much as I have. I have always been one to read a lot and I love doing so. My mom told me that when I was a little kid I would find a corner and take a book and just read. Every year I try to read an average of about two books a month. Even though this picture was a bit staged I am currently reading The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. It is an interesting book that I need to finish by next week for book club :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 11: Video

Technically this is not a photo, but I thought that it would be fun to add a video in here. BB has never ridden a horse or a pony before. We have been to other petting zoos and places where he has had the opportunity to ride them, but he has always refused. I think that he was too afraid to do so. His preschool had a petting zoo come to school on Friday and I knew that a pony was going to be there. My husband and I talked to him about not being afraid of the horse and told him that they were a lot of fun to ride. I had wanted to come back to school to see BB with the animals and hopefully get some video of him riding a pony. LB was taking a long nap and I had to wake him up to go, but I am glad that I did. When I pulled up BB was on the pony!!! I was so excited to see this. I think that he was really excited to see me. I got out my Flip Video Camera and I hit the button to start recording and it says, "No more space," or something to that effect! Darn! Then I get out my iPhone and it was taking a long time to get the camera to load. Finally it loaded and I got some video, but it wasn't that great and then the ride was done :( Luckily, his preschool is fairly small so all of the kids got to ride the pony again. This time I deleted some videos that I know had already been downloaded to my computer and got this video and another one. I am looking forward to getting more videos of him riding horses in the future!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 10: Feet Photo

I LOVE feet pictures! When I was traveling in Europe we took a foot photo in every city that we were in. I have also been taking them for as long as I can remember. A mommy friend of mine recently took a photo of four kids' feet on the sidewalk with "Summer '11" written in chalk. I thought that it was such a great picture and really creative. Therefore, I stole the idea :)! I would have liked to have the picture look a little differently, but BB wanted to stand on the chalk and it took awhile for him to finally get off of the chalk. Then LB doesn't stand or walk yet so I had to hold him up and he just kept wanting to lift his feet off of the ground. I did have my husband take this picture because I knew that I wouldn't be able to while holding LB. You can't really tell in this picture, but BB's feet are not that much smaller than mine! I have tiny feet, but to have feet that are just two inches shorter than mine (yes, my three year old's feet are only TWO inches shorter than mine!) is crazy!


p.s. I have some nice tan lines going on with my feet :)

Day 9: Water Photo

When I realized that today was "water photo" day I thought that yesterday's picture would have been a great one to use. I wasn't planning on doing any water activities today, so I was thinking, "What should I take a picture of?" On my way to pick up BB from preschool I got a call from the teacher. She said that he had pooped in his pants and won't let anyone change him :( This is the first time that he has ever done that and I should give you a little background on him. Once we got him potty trained he had (& still has) an issue with privacy when he is going to the bathroom. He likes to pee and poop with no one around. He even has to have the door closed and locked! I understand the need for privacy when going to the bathroom, but you can imagine this is not a very conducive habit for preschool. They have three toilets all in one big open room. The kids are free to go potty when they want, but there are also times in the day where the whole class goes together to the bathroom. The teachers have told us that BB doesn't like to be in the bathroom with other kids and he even prefers some of the teachers over the others and they have it worked out now so that he feels comfortable going to the bathroom. Well, this is all because he is only going #1. He has never pooped at school and I think that when he was at school and he realized he had to poop he freaked out and didn't want to go to the bathroom. Then because he was so embarrassed by pooping in his pants he didn't want anyone to get near him. He barely let me change him. I REALLY wished that he didn't let me change him because I dry-heaved a couple of times from the smell, yuck!!!!!

Anyway, that is probably a little TMI for anyone reading this, but it leads to my water picture. Since BB had pooped in his pants and then hung out in those pants for a bit he needed a bath that night (I did manage to wipe up all of the poop at the preschool, but still thought it was a good idea for a bath). This is him in the bath having a GREAT time! I really would have loved it if LB could have gotten in on the bath action because he needs one (that is a whole other story that I won't get into!), but BB will not be nice to LB in the bath, so they have to take them separately. Plus, LB was really tired and ready for bed when it was bath time. Sorry about all of the poop in this post! I am sure that BB will not be happy about this post when he is older :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 8: Summer Photo

Today we had a playdate at an Aquatics Center that had a lot of fun water stuff for the kids to play in. BB (Big Bubs) was having a great time! At first, he was a little scared with all of the water spraying and dropping everywhere, but after awhile he got used to it and didn't ever want to come out. LB (Little Bubs) really seemed to enjoy the water too, but after about an hour of playing he was ready for a nap. Since we had friends that were with us BB got a playmate for the rest of the time that we were there. He LOVES older kids and whatever they do or say goes! I couldn't get him to listen to me, but a 10-year old girl could. I also had to add in a picture of LB in his bathing suit because he just looked so cute!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 7: Meal I Made Photo

Today I took a photo of a meal I made. Every Sunday I plan out all of my family's meals for the week and this week I had planned out all easy meals to make. I was hoping that I would have something really cool to take a picture of, but not so much. I planned out the easy to make meals because my husband just started a new job and I wasn't sure when he would be home and I needed to have meals that were easy to make if I was going to watch both boys on my own while preparing dinner. Tonight was BLAT night! Bacon (we used Canadian bacon), Lettuce, Avocado, and Tomato with a little mayo, bread, and some broccoli as a side. I usually eat my BLAT with two slices of bread, but when I put them in the toaster I miscounted the total amount of bread I needed and there was only one slice for me. I could have toasted another piece or grabbed a non-toasted piece, but I decided that I would just use one piece and have lettuce as my topping. The meal was yummy and very easy to make! BB also likes BLATs, which is nice :)

Day 6: Animal Photo

Yesterday we went to this animal rescue place called The Gentle Barn. It was the coolest place. They had a ton of farm animals that you could touch and get really close to. We have gone to other "petting zoo" type places and we have never had the opportunity to get as close to some of the animals as we could here. My favorite animals had to be the cows! They were the sweetest. The cow in this picture is Buttercup. She was rescued from a backyard butcher. She was really malnurished and was pregnant, but because of her poor health her baby only lived seven months. The people working at this rescue thought that Buttercup would not be a friendly cow because of what she had gone through, but she ended up being a very friendly and maternal cow. Any cow that comes in will be mothered by Buttercup. She was so sweet, gentle, and beautiful. The cow behind her is the first cow that was rescued by this "shelter." I can't remember that cow's name, but she is the nicest cow ever! She is the cow that you could go and snuggle with and give hugs too. She is the only animal that can be surrounded by people in wheelchairs without freaking out. She is about 12 years old and such a sweet soul.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 5: Garden Photo

I was really hoping that I would have a garden with some veggies in it, but no such luck (kind of). I planted my vegetable garden in early July this year because I was just so busy with lots of other stuff. This year my husband made all of these planter boxes because the soil in our backyard is really clay and so hard to dig in and work with. The boxes seem like they are a good addition. I decided that I would take a shot of all of my plants in the back. The front box in the front on the far left is the one that is doing the best. I planted squash, corn, and beans there. The squash is taking off and there is one zucchini that is growing. Then the six stalks of corn have really flourished and we can see the tassels on the corn, which is pretty cool. This is my first time growing corn and it is pretty easy! Then the boxes on the right hand side have tomatoes, basil, cantaloupe, and a cucumber plant. The tomato plants look like they are doing well, but no tomatoes yet.

As you can see our chickens roam free (that is Foghorn our Leghorn) in the picture. The chickens love to munch on greens and will destroy my garden if left to their own devices. That meant that we had to put netting all around my garden, which is kind of a pain, but if it was not there all of the plants would have already been eaten. It should be interesting trying to pick the veggies with that netting. Overall, I am happy with what I am getting for how late in the game I started everything. Next year I am sure that it will be much easier!

Day 4: Friends Photo

I am veering off from my original list of photo days, but I warned you that I would do this :)! Some of my friends from a moms group that I belong to were going out for the evening. I was looking forward to this night for a few reasons: 1) I got to hang out with some cool ladies 2) I got to go out without the kids 3) I got to get a little dressed up and wear a bit of make-up, which I never do. We went to a Polynesian themed dive bar that was interesting! We got there and there were not a lot of people there and the bar was smaller than what it looked like on the internet. The table that we are at in the picture was previously occupied by some people and all of us were crammed into this small booth and needed more room. Luckily, the people left and we got the bigger booth. The bartender seemed not to know how to make drinks, which was a little weird. The bar had a tropical list of drinks on every table that probably totaled about 20-25 drinks. The bartender had to look up directions on how to make every single one of them and he didn't appear to be a new bartender because the website states that he is there every Friday night. Two of the ladies that got drinks were told to taste a sip of the drink to see if the wine or the soda was bad. It appears that both were bad!

Overall, it was fun though. I got to hang out with some great friends and laughed a lot. I was the DD and even without the alcohol I had a great time! I do have to say that I didn't get home until midnight (way later than when I go to bed) and then both boys were not sleeping well so I didn't go to bed until after 1am and then I was up at 6am. It was like I was hungover today because I was so tired and my eyes and head hurt from the lack of sleep.

Day 3: Kid(s) Photo

I am a little behind on posting, but I did not forget to take the pictures! I just got a little busy, but here they are!

I decided to go with two pictures for this post. I wanted a picture of my Big and Little Bubs together, but getting that picture is hard to do! BB (Big Bubs) likes to bother LB (Little Bubs), so most of the time I am trying to keep the two away from one another and trying to get a picture of them together is not possible. BB was in a good mood today and I asked him if he would get on the couch with his brother. He was very happy to do so. I put them on the couch and then got out the camera fast. LB has started crawling and he no longer will just sit in one place. This meant that I had to be fast on the camera taking. I got the first picture and I was pleased that both of them looked happy, but then I realized that BB was not in focus. I really wanted to try and get another picture. LB was not into having any more pictures taken and was trying to get off of the couch, but I was holding him back and he was not happy and started crying. That is when I got the second shot. The second one BB is in focus and LB is not. I figured that I would put both pictures up because you can see one of them in focus in each shot and it kind of represents my struggle with trying to get pictures with a toddler and an active baby!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 2: Family Photo

This is my family. Looking at the picture it looks like Big Bubs and Little Bubs are best friends, but that is not the case. Big Bubs really likes to pick on the little one and it is a bit frustrating. I would have liked to get a picture with both of the boys looking at the camera, but I figured that it was going to be next to impossible to do. We were late in getting dinner ready and Little Bubs was ready for bed. This time around we only took one picture and that was the keeper!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Day 1: Self Photo

This is me :) Today I decided to start out with the self photo. I had pondered how I would take this photo and tried holding the camera out in front of me for a face shot, having the camera on a timer, and taking a picture of me in the mirror. I ended up going with the latter on this. I also have to say that I took A LOT of pictures. All of the ones that I took I wasn't happy with how I looked, but go figure that I would think that. You can't really tell in this picture, but I am super tired! Having two kids that get up in the middle of the night is tiring!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Challenge #3: Photos

Time got away from me and it has been awhile since I have done a 30-Day challenge. I had it planned out that I would start the next one in June, but I got busy and before I knew it August was here!

For the next 30 days I will be taking pictures and posting those pictures on here. Just leaving it at that is a tough enough challenge for me because I am not good at keeping up with my own family blog. My husband usually uploads the photos and does whatever needs to be done to get them on Picasa. Hopefully, I will figure out how to do it! Anyway, I am not leaving it at just taking a picture each day for 30 days. I have come up with 30 different ideas of what to take pictures of. I figured that this way others can also participate and take photos along the same lines as mine!

I will post the list of ideas of pictures below. I will not be following them in order because I know that some days it might be easier to take one picture over another.


1-Self Photo
2-Family Picture
6-Something summer-like
8-A meal you made
10-Foot or Feet
12-Something You Love To Do
13-Black & White
14-Something Old
15-Something New
16-An Addiction
17-Something You Love
18-Someone or Something Sleeping
20-A Happy Picture
21-Free Choice!
23-Picture Of Your House
24-Shadow Picture
25-Someone You Love
26-Your Best Body Part (PG of course!)
27-Kids #2
28-Tutorial With Pictures
30-Picture Of You Taken By Someone Else