Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 29 & 30: And I'm Done!

So, I actually finished when I was supposed to, but it was my son's birthday and my parents were in town and I had a lot going on, so I never got around to finishing up this blog post. I finished A Confederacy of Dunces with no problems and I have to say that I enjoyed the book very much. I would give it 4 stars. The ending was really good because all of the story lines were concluded in a very satisfactory way and everyone seemed to get a good outcome from the stupidity of Ignatius.

Out of the four books that I read I think that I enjoyed Island Beneath the Sea the most. I love Allende's style of writing and she is one of my favorite authors, so that is probably a big reason why I was influenced to liking her book the best. It wasn't hard to read every day especially when I found all of the books really good. I did take a huge break from reading and just yesterday I picked up a book for the first time. I am going to read Bossypants by Tina Fey because I went to a talk she did and she is so darn funny! Excerpts from her book were read and I was laughing a ton. I love her work and think that she is so funny! So far, I am not disappointed with the book.

I have to also say that usually when I read a book I always read the last page first, or soon after I start. Most often then not it does not ruin the ending for me, but it has happened before. I don't know why I have this bad habit, but I do. Having the Kindle has eliminated this problem of mine. I just don't think about going to the very last page of the book because it takes more work to get there and then my Kindle thinks that I have read that far and I don't want it to. This is another reason that it is a plus to have an e-reader!

Now, I have to think of what my next 30 day challenge will be. I have some ideas and I will keep you posted!