Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 11: Candy Corn Broom

 Ha ha!  I said that I would finish and I am, but really late!!!  We made these candy corn brooms from Woman's Day.  I just went back to the link and it doesn't look like the instructions are there anymore.  When I was making these I also didn't follow the instructions because I was being lazy.  I was kind of just guessing at what was done.


  • Candy Corn
  • Paper bags (2)
  • Twine or string
  • scissors
  • stick
Finding a stick was hard for me since I don't live somewhere where sticks are abundant!


Step 1: 

Cut the two bags in 1/2

Step 2:

Add some candy corn to one of the bags

Step 3:

Add a stick to the middle of the bag to look like the broom's handle.  Then tie off the top of the bag so that it holds the stick in the back.

Step 4:

With the second back cut strips all around it without cutting through all the way to the bottom or top.

 Step 5:

Add the cut back over the top of the uncut bag and tie off.  Now you have your candy corn broom!

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