Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 5: I Love Lucy (Wed 3/23)

Once again the reading of this book goes really fast because it is easy and the story is one that is fun to read. Since I have been lagging in here I didn't keep great track of where I was at each day in the book and I finished the book, so I will do my best to split the book up into sections. This point in the book Enzo knows that something is wrong with Eve, but Eve doesn't know what it is yet. The reader (well at least I did) gets the feeling that she has cancer and you wish that Enzo had the ability to talk to let her know so that she could get treated for it early. It was interesting that the author put this in there because you hear of dogs that can tell when people are going to get seizures and I am sure that dogs can also probably tell when a person isn't well. I am not sure if I have heard of dogs knowing if a person has cancer (I could Google it, but I am too tired to), but it wouldn't surprise me. The part that I didn't like about this section was how Eve didn't want to go to the see the Doctor at all. I understand that some people are afraid of doctors and don't want to go, but I just don't get it. I know that if this was me and I was having crazy headaches my husband would make me go to the doctor with no questions. He would definitely not be like Denny and not take me! I am not a huge fan of Eve's character and maybe that is because Enzo didn't like her as much and it is told from his point of view? I wonder if the author was basing Eve on his own wife.

This book is making me love and appreciate my dog Lucy even more! Seeing what Enzo is going through and how he acts made me think of my dog Lucy a lot. Although, she is not as good of a dog as Enzo is (she lingers in the kitchen while we eat to try and get scraps even though she knows she is not allowed!). It was fun to read what Enzo was thinking and think about Lucy in the same respect. Every night that I would read this book she would get some extra loving before bed! One part in the book that I related to was when Eve would want Enzo by her after the delivery and when she was just coming home from the hospital because she felt like Enzo knew what was going on and he was the only one that could take care of her. I have felt sometimes that the animals know what is going on and that they seem to be extra sensitive and caring when I need them to be. When I am not feeling well it seems like they are hanging around more and there have been a couple of times when I felt like they just knew something was up.

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