Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 6: Californication (Thurs 3/24)

During this part of the book Eve has finally died. I really wasn't sad about her death because I knew it was coming and like I mentioned before I didn't really care for her character. I wish that the author would have made her more likable. Then the author goes and makes Eve's parents, the "Evil Twins," (coined by Enzo) really unlikable characters too. They decide that Zoe would be better off if she was raised by them and not her father and that they were going to sue for custody of Zoe. When I read that I was thinking that there was no way that they would get custody of Zoe. I also thought that the parents would be crazy for even trying, but I figured that the author would make it so that somehow they did get custody or would make it hard for Denny to keep Zoe. Then we find out that Denny is being charged with statutory rape of a minor. The readers know that Denny didn't do anything and that it was the girl that came onto Denny and tried to do something with him, but he turned her down. I really didn't care for that part in the book either, but it gave the author a reason for Denny not to get custody of his daughter. When I was reading the part about the trial and statutory rape it reminded me of the show Californication. We have been watching that show from the beginning and this season has been a big letdown for us. In this season Hank Moody, the main character, is being charged with statutory rape but he didn't know that the girl was under age because she said she was older and she was the one that came on to him (he did have relations with her though). Kind of funny how this book and Californication have a similar story line in them!

Well, that was the biggest ordeal in this section and I have to go get ready for bed so that is all that you get for today's day! Only three more days of catching-up!!!!

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