Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 7: E-Readers are GRRREAT! (Fri 3/25)

On this day I actually only read a couple chapters of the book (maybe about 10 pages total), but I figured that was okay since I am ahead on what I need to read in the time I have allotted. Since I didn't read much I thought that I would discuss why I love my Kindle (and other e-readers).

When the e-readers first came out I thought that they seemed interesting, but I wasn't interested in owning one. I loved reading an actual book. I liked flipping through the book's pages, having an exact idea of where I was at in the book by looking at it, and the smell of books, especially from the library, is a smell that I enjoy. With an e-reader you don't get any of that. At the end of last year Amazon dropped the price of the Kindle and my husband decided that he would get me one as a belated birthday present (I think that it was just an excuse to buy a Kindle since he already got me a birthday gift on my birthday). The Kindle came and I wasn't too into it. I still had a lot of books at home that I wanted to read, so my husband was the one that used my Kindle mostly. Once I finally got around to using the Kindle I thought that it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Then I had the baby and the Kindle changed everything I thought about e-readers for me!

Having a newborn there was a lot of time where I was just sitting around breastfeeding. During this time I couldn't do much else and I mostly just had one hand available to me. The Kindle became my new best friend because it was the only other thing that I could do (I could watch TV, but we don't watch it when my toddler is awake, so that was very limited). Since the Kindle is so small and lightweight I could hold it with just one hand and read. Instead of trying to turn the pages and keep the book open I just had to press a button and the "page" would turn automatically. It was so nice to not have an actual book. I also didn't ever have to go searching for a scrap of paper to use as a bookmark. The Kindle will automatically save your spot when you stop reading. It is easy to navigate through the books too. A very nice feature is that you can buy the books right from the Kindle and get the book in about a minute or less. It is so nice to have a book right away instead of waiting to get it in the mail or from the library or having to drive to a bookstore to buy it. My husband and I also got covers with lights, so that we could read when it got dark. Although, I don't use the light much because the light would probably bother the baby. The Kindle has been amazing for me! It is so nice to only have to use a small very portable device to read lots of books. The Kindle just recently added page numbers and that has been nice because I did miss those (they had location numbers previously). I still do kind of miss seeing exactly where I am in the book by looking at it, but it seems to me that I read books on the Kindle faster than if it was a regular book. I also love the books that have a lot of notes in the back, but I don't know about! When the Kindle says that I am at 75-90% done with the book, but it is actually the end of the book with a lot of notes at the end it makes me happy :) One other thing that I wasn't looking forward to was that I wouldn't be able to get books from the library, but they have an e-reader library where you can get books. I know that it doesn't work with the Kindle, but there are other options out there for you to read the book. I haven't tried it yet, but it is awesome to know that I can still get free books from the library and I don't have to worry about remembering to bring the books back on time! I really do think that the e-readers are great and if you are a breastfeeding mama that likes to read this is definitely something worth getting!

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