Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 30: Promises

Okay, so day 30 was yesterday 3/1 and I did work out! I figured that I should work out on the day that was supposed to be my last. It was only my third day in level three, which is a bit of a bummer, but I am happy that I made it that far. I did not exercise today and figured that since I now have seven more days to go, but will most likely miss some days, I am going to quit this portion of the blog at 30 days. I will still finish the workout video and I hope to do that sooner rather than later.

Throughout this blog I made a couple of "promises" of posting stuff later on. The first of those being the videos of my son working out with me. It really is the cutest thing and he doesn't do that bad of a job. The first video is him on level one with me. Do you notice the horrible wood paneling that is up? In the second video he is doing level three with me (the warm-up). This time the wood paneling is all gone!!!! He is super cute when he works out with me and I am glad that we caught him on video doing some moves!

I think that I was going to post some pictures, but my husband is the one that uploads them to his Picassa account and he is busy building planter boxes for my son's preschool, so I don't want to bother him with that right now...and yes I do need to figure out how to do that all on my own, but it is just nice having him do it!

I mentioned in one of my posts about an ab condition that I have and I wanted to go over that here. I have Diastasis Recti. It is basically where my abdominal muscles have separated from being pregnant. This past year when I was pregnant I would notice that when I would get up from a lying down position my belly would form this ridge down the middle of it and I thought that it was really strange, but I wasn't sure what it was from. Then I was reading Dr. Oz's pregnancy book and it had the condition in there. My midwife also talked to me about it. I unfortunately, got it with my first son and I am sure that the second pregnancy made it a little worse. When I started out the workout the gap between the two muscles seemed kind of big (although my midwife said that it wasn't that bad). When I completed levels one and two I checked the gap again and I do think that it has decreased, or gotten tighter. I hope that I am not imagining it! I know that my abs will not be back together ever again unless I have a tummy tuck, but it is nice knowing that the gap could be getting smaller! If you are ever around me and would like to see what this gap feels like I would be more than happy to show you :)

My reflections on the past 30 days:
I am really happy that I started this blog and it got me to start exercising again. I really needed to do something and this was easy enough for me to do because it was at home. Having two kids with one in his terrible twos and the other a baby makes exercising a little difficult. I have thought that I should have waited to start the 30 Day Shred once my oldest son started preschool, so that I would have more free time, but oh well. The first 10 days of my workout almost all of my muscles would ache throughout the day. Now, my muscles only hurt when I am actually doing the workout and that shows me that I definitely have gotten stronger than when I first started. In level three Jillian says something along the lines of, "by now you should be seeing a six pack," and I wish that was the case, but it wasn't. She does say that if you were following her food plan and this video you would see the results. I definitely was not following her food plan! I have the biggest sweet tooth there is right now! I hardly ever bake and since I started this workout I have made three batches of cookies and one batch of cupcakes! It would be interesting to see how I would have done had I been eating well too. Since I am breastfeeding I am giving myself a free pass to continue to eat sweet stuff because I need those extra 500 calories :). I do know from past experience with this video that it really did help me lose the extra weight I had. Overall, I feel good about how I did. I wish that I could have made it straight through without a missed day, but that wasn't in the cards for me. I still do plan on finishing up the video. I now have in my plans to workout at least three times a week. This will either be with this video or doing another video or some iPhone app that I found (it has workouts, but I can't remember what it is called). I then have to start running to get prepared for that half I am doing in July!

As for my next 30 day challenge that has yet to be determined. I have a few possibilities. I will not be starting the challenge today or even within the next week because I know that I need some break time! Once I have figured out what I will be doing and when I will be doing it I will post it!

Thanks for following me on this challenge. I hope that it was enjoyable to read!


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  1. Good job Heather! Loved the videos of Nathan...he's a natural shredder! Your house looks great also!