Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 29: Working out again!

So, I was back on the wagon today! It was only day two of level three and that means that I still have eight more days to go even though I am on day 29. My stomach issues were much better (thank goodness because I hate feeling sick to my stomach!) and I had some time to exercise in the morning. I definitely am a little out of it. I think that if I hadn't missed so many days in the past couple of weeks I would have been stronger this go around, but oh well. I ended up doing a lot of the modified moves because my muscles were killing me. I would say that it was mostly the moves that worked out my quads that I had to modify. In the second round of strength moves we have to do jumping lunges and at first when I do those it starts out really easy and I think to myself, "wow, these are super easy and I can't believe that we get to do these." Then the time keeps going and I think, "wow, these are getting really hard...I don't know if I can keep on going...keep going, I am sure she is going to say you only have a couple more to do." Then it ends, but the next round of them I had to take a break because my quads were killing me. I have to be honest and tell you that I didn't completely finish today's workout. I was doing the last circuit and my baby started crying. While I was working out during this section I was trying to calm him down by talking to him or quickly making one of his toys rattle to get his mind off of wanting to cry. I got through the strength and cardio with him crying off and on. By the time I got to the ab section he was in a full blown cry. I thought that I could just work through it, but after doing the ab part for half of it I just quit and picked the baby up. So, I missed about 30 seconds and the stretching of the video.

One random thing that I like about level three are their outfits. I think that this level they have the best colors going on. I especially like Jillian's sports bra. I told you it was going to be random :)

Well, I don't know how great these next eight days are going to go because I have discovered that after recovering from my stomach issues I now have the beginnings of a cold :( My throat and head hurt and I know that if I am feeling sick I won't want to exercise. I am really bummed out because I was on a great stretch of being healthy. I got the cold from my husband and I am sure that I will pass it on to the baby and the toddler and that won't be fun. I also have family coming into town and I have a feeling that my exercising might be put on hold. So, it could be 45 days for me to finish this 30 day shred!

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