Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day 2: Soreness

First, I have to say that I am so excited that I have four followers!!!! You guys rock for following my blog!

Last night I was beginning to feel the soreness coming on and I figured that in the morning I would be even sorer. I woke up and my muscles ached. I just felt like one complete ball of soreness. I think that my pec muscles "hurt" the most, but I ached everywhere. At least the soreness meant that I did work out my muscles! It was funny because throughout the day I would move a certain way and it would hurt and in my mind I would think, "Why does this hurt?" Then it would register a couple seconds later that it was from the exercising.

Even though I was sore I was still going to do the workout today. I had decided not to do it in the morning because I had a playdate that I was going to at 9. I figured that I needed the morning hours to eat, shower, and get ready before I was supposed to leave. Then right as I was grabbing my phone and keys to leave I see that I have a text message that the playdate was canceled :(. This sucked because getting my baby into the car seat woke him up and had I not moved him he would have been sleeping and I could have worked out in the morning. I figured that I would work out later in the afternoon once my sister-in-law came over to help me out with the kids. I figured that when my oldest one was napping I would workout and if my baby needed anything my sister-in-law could help. Well, that didn't work out. My baby was being a little fussy and I knew that he needed some sleep, so I laid down next to him to nurse and we both fell asleep! The little nap was something that I needed though. By this time I am kind of talking myself out of working out! But, I kept thinking that I can't do this on day two! I decided that once we were done with dinner and putting the kids to bed I would do the workout...

And I DID do the workout! I started around 8:30 pm. Yesterday I had three pound weights, but since our living room is all taped off I don't know where they put those weights and I didn't feel like looking for them so I used my two pound weights (dumbbells). I also figured that my arms could use a little rest and the two pound weights would be easier for them. This time I didn't get winded during the warm-up, yay! Then it was onto the push-ups! Those are killers! Just doing push-ups is a great workout. I did the same as yesterday (5 regular and the rest on my knees) and my arms were killing me. Then when I got to the jumping jacks and jump rope section my arms and legs were throbbing and my mind was saying, "Quit! Stop! This hurts!" I did take a couple seconds for a break, but then I kept on trucking. I felt that the the rest of the video went well. When I am doing this workout I notice that I am looking forward to the ab section. This is by far the easiest and feels like a little rest period for me. I know that I am not resting though because my stomach muscles were sore this morning. During the whole workout I was also contemplating what I was going to have for dessert. Would I have a cookie or soy ice-cream? My rationale was that I was working off some calories so I could have a dessert that I probably would have had even if I didn't work out. When I was done with the workout I decided against the cookie and ice-cream and had a small glass of orange juice.

I felt pretty good after this workout and I didn't feel sick, which is a huge plus for me! It already feels like it is getting a little bit easier, but that could also be from using smaller weights. I know that in a few days this will all be much easier than it is now. I still don't have the energy high that comes with working out because I feel like I could fall asleep right now!

Oh, I almost forgot this part. My living room had texture put on the walls (to match our other walls) and the smell was horrible! It gives me a headache to be in that room, so there was no choice but for me to workout in my bedroom. In my bedroom I have some mirrors on the wall and I found myself looking at me while I was working out. I wanted to see if I was doing the moves correctly, but I think that I was mostly looking at my belly jiggling away! I don't mind that it jiggles now because I did just give birth to my second baby three and a half months ago!

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