Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 12: Need Shoes

Today was my second day on level two and I decided that I would do the workout in the morning again to get it over with. This morning the muscle that I pulled in my quad hurt a little bit and I decided that I would workout as much as I could and not overdo it. I forgot to write yesterday that the warm-up that is now in level two is very similar to level one, but this time around we get to do neck stretches and I LOVE those! It feels so good to stretch my neck and I wish that we could do it longer, but oh well. I got started with my exercising and it was going pretty well. My muscle wasn't hurting and I was not doing the easy version of the moves. I was even able to do most of the workout without stopping. I think that I had to stop just a couple of times because I needed a little break. Towards the end my muscle was starting to hurt in my quad, so I did take it easy then; I didn't go as deep into my squats. Right now, I also am doing the single jump rope move and not the double. The double really wears me out especially since it is at the end. I try and do as many as I can in the double then I switch to the single and finish with the double. I really hope that by the end of these 10 days I will be able to do the double jump rope the whole way through.

The highlight of this workout was my son. I was working out and he decided that he would come and workout with me. He started the warm-up with me and when I got to the jumping jacks he started jumping and said, "these are hard." He was doing his best trying to jump out with both of his legs. He was also holding his blanket and a stuffed animal while trying to jump. He tried to do a couple more moves along with me and then left. He then came back a little bit later when I was doing some more jumping moves and he started doing them too and he stops and tells me that these are hard and that he needs shoes to make it easier. He goes and puts on my tennis shoes and comes back and starts jumping! It was the cutest thing ever. I think that he saw that the ladies on the workout video were wearing shoes and he just associated the shoes to them being able to jump better. I really wish I could have caught that moment on video, but at least I am blogging about it so that I will always be able to remember it!

After the workout I felt pretty good. I definitely think that today was much easier than yesterday and I hope that it keeps getting easier for me. I am also hoping that I can reel it in with the dessert that I am eating. I got on the scale today and I have gained a pound since starting this program! Yesterday was a Valentine's Day party for my mom's group and I baked about 65 mini cupcakes. Before I frosted them I probably ate about five. Then when I frosted them I probably ate about five more. Since they were so tiny it was easy to keep eating them. Also, at the party I had some cookies, pizza, and other high calorie food. I wish that veggies tasted as good as dessert :)

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