Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 11: Over-shredded

Today I moved on to level 2 and it was much harder! I think that it starts out easy and gets harder, whereas with level one it starts out harder and gets easier. There were a few times in the workout where I had to stop and catch my breath. My legs also felt like jello a couple of times, so I stopped then. I tried to do my best and I think that I could have pushed a little harder, but I didn't. I did break a sweat with this workout!

I did this workout in the morning and it was nice to get it done with. Throughout the whole day I would think, "I still have to do the workout tonight," but then I would remember that I already did it! I have heard that it is better to do workouts in the mornings because it gets your body warmed up to burn more calories throughout the day. I can't remember where I heard that though. The bad part about doing the workout in the morning and doing the blog in the evening is that I can't remember everything in great detail.

Okay, the bad news. I think that I over-shredded today :( It seems to me that I pulled a muscle in my right quad. After I was done working out there was one spot in my right quad that was hurting pretty badly and it felt like it was stretched too much. When I would get down and up that area on my quad would hurt the most. I know that pulling a muscle isn't a huge injury, but I don't want to keep irritating it to make it worse than what it is. Tomorrow I will continue to do level two and I will see how my muscle feels after that and see where I go from there.

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