Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day 6: Overindulgence

The baby was super fussy last night and I would say that we maybe got three to four hours of good solid sleep :( The baby was also up around 5 am, so that meant that we were too. I was too tired to do any exercising in the morning. We also had a contractor coming over to do some measurements and give us a quote in the morning and after he left we had to go to gymnastics class with son #1. After gymnastics I rushed home to get ready for a friend's baby shower. At the baby shower I overindulged and I ate a lot of donuts (yummy!), a bagel with cream cheese, cookies, and other little snacky stuff. It was delicious! Then for dinner we got Chinese food and I ate a bunch of that too. I think that since I was given the okay to introduce dairy back into my diet I have been trying to eat as many things that have dairy in them that I can just incase I am told that I have to take it back out of my diet. After dinner I knew that it would be time to get shredded and I was kind of dreading it because of all of the food (and a lot of it that wasn't good for me) that I had eaten for the day.

I let my food digest a little before I started the workout and then I got to it! We put our TV back up on the wall and I was excited to have that playing the workout video, but the baby was sleeping in our living room so I decided that I would just put the video on on my computer and have the volume turned on really low. I would say that I did about as good as I did yesterday. My quads and calves still hurt the most and I should probably stretch them out more than what the video has me do after the workout is done. After the workout I was feeling a little bit sick to my stomach and that was because I ate a big dinner and didn't give my body more time to digest the food. I thought that the workout went really fast, but I felt like my body responds better when it is working out in the morning. During the workout I found myself thinking about how much more I have to do. I know that I am on day six and that is huge that I have made it this far without quitting, but then I think, "I have to do this workout for the whole month of February!" When I think of it being the whole month of February it seems like a daunting task to finish. I guess that I just have to take it one day at a time. I should also mention that since I was working out in my living room during the evening I could see my reflection in our new windows and it was fun to watch me workout. I was able to see if I had the postures correct and it gave me something to look at and take my mind a little off the workout!

Tomorrow I plan on working out in the morning, but I also plan on having my husband's homemade waffles since I haven't had those in about two months! It really is a good thing that I am not doing this workout to lose weight because I would be failing with my diet!

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