Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 3: Lazy Is My Name

Once again I had decided to do the workout in the evening. We had somewhere to be at 9 am and I didn't think that I could get a workout in before being ready to leave. Since I am still sore everywhere, Christopher thought that it was a good idea to give my muscles more of a rest and do the workout in the evening, which was smart thinking on his part!

While Christopher was putting son #1 (N) down to sleep I was holding son #2 (A). Whenever you are holding A and he falls asleep he stays asleep as long as you are holding him. As soon as you put him down on the couch, his bed, our bed, or anywhere he wakes up! It is really frustrating and my back ends up killing me from holding him so much. I know that I should just put him down and let him cry it out some, but he still seems too small for me to do that to him. Anyway, my back was killing me so I decided to lay down on the couch with him (he stays asleep as long as you are with him). Since I couldn't read in the position that we were in and I couldn't watch anything because our TV is still down from our living room being painted I decided that I would take a little snooze with A. It was nice. Then Christopher came into the room and I woke up and told him that I needed to do "The Shred," but that I didn't want to do it. I was so comfortable on the couch holding my sleeping baby. Christopher encouraged me to go do the workout and I went and did it because I knew I couldn't give up on day three.

Since I was feeling lazy I didn't want to change clothes to workout, so I worked out in my jeans and turtleneck shirt that I was wearing. I did change into a workout bra because I don't have a lot of breastfeeding bras and I didn't want to get one all sweaty. I went into the workout telling myself that I am going to follow the lady that does all of the modified stuff and make the workout a little easier for me. I know that I shouldn't have been this way, but I was feeling really lazy. I felt like the workout was the same as yesterday. It was hard in the first section and then got easier. I had to stop and shake out my legs when doing the first set of cardio of jumping jacks and jump rope. I realized that with all of the jumping I should have gone to the bathroom beforehand because I had to really pee! After having a couple of kids I know that my bladder control probably isn't the best out there (need to practice my kegels!).

When I was done it felt good. The time also seemed to go by fast for me and I was telling myself that I shouldn't find excuses to get out of something that only takes 25-30 minutes out of my day. I am looking forward to when my muscles aren't as sore as they are now and it makes the workout a little more enjoyable!

There are a couple of things that I have to mention before I end this post. The first is that when we are doing the bicep curl with static lunge the lady (I forget her name), that is demonstrating the advanced moves, at one point isn't doing the lunge and it cracks me up that they would leave that in the video and not edit it out or redo that part. There is even a part later on when Jillian says, "they don't even cheat when I'm not looking." I don't blame the lady though because I can't imagine how tired she must be from doing tons of takes for the video!

Secondly, I don't know how the really overweight people on the Biggest Loser do it. I watch that show and I am amazed at what those people can do. It seems like I should be able to crank through this stuff without a problem, but I do have problems. I am just very happy that I don't have Jillian working out with me in person because she would kill me! Her video looks so much easier than what she has the contestants do on the show...I guess I wouldn't mind having her as my personal trainer because I am sure that I would get some amazing results :)

Okay, I am off to have some soy ice-cream because I deserved it!

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