Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 10: Level One Completed!

I just finished level one of The Shred!!! That is really exciting that I have gone through 10 whole days of working out and not skipping a day even though I really wanted to most of the time. It feels great to be done. I think that I even stepped it up a notch on this workout because I knew that it would be the last one for this level.

I think that I needed this workout today too. My toddler was being a pill in the morning and I was ready to drop him off at the courthouse with my husband, who unfortunately got chosen to be a juror. My baby was also being super fussy in the evening and when my toddler cries that triggers my baby to cry. I just felt like I needed something that was for me and something that could get some frustration out and this workout was it! I guess it also could have been the 75 mini cupcakes that I made today too :) We are going to a Valentine's Day party tomorrow and I made them for that party, but my toddler and I had a good amount today! Wow, this post gets back to dessert! I have an obsession with it. I do have to say that last night I dreamt that I went to a frozen yogurt place and was trying to set-up a birthday party there.

Here are my reflections on level one:
-The hardest circuit for me in this level was circuit one. The push-ups and then the arm raises followed by the jumping jacks and jump roping is really tough for me. My pecs are killing me after the strength moves and then my quads and calves kill during the cardio portion. The bicep curls with the static lunge and the arm raises are also killer and there are many times where I would like to stop or do the easy version of them, but I tried to do my best.
-My calves and quads seem to have gotten the hardest workout. They both still hurt after 10 days of doing the workout. I really thought that the soreness would be gone by now, but I guess not.
-I never broke a sweat. Even though I wasn't sweating I could definitely feel my heart beating faster and I could feel the workout in my muscles. I was also breathing heavier. It would have been interesting to wear my heart rate monitor to see what was going on with my body.
-The workout got easier with each passing day. I also felt like I was getting stronger. I have an ab condition (which I will talk about in a later post) from being pregnant and I could tell that it improved dramatically from day one.

Tomorrow I start on Level Two. I have done level two before and if I remember correctly it is harder than level one :( I remember after doing levels two and three and going back and doing level one, level one felt like a cake walk. I am not looking forward to the the extra work that is going to come with the workout. I am looking forward to doing new stuff. Ten days of doing the same routine and knowing exactly what Jillian says throughout the whole thing gets a little repetitive and boring. I am going to try really hard to workout in the mornings because I like working out at that time, but we will see how that goes especially since my husband has jury duty and has to report earlier than he when he goes to work.

Thanks for following me in my 30 day shred and wish me luck on level two!

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  1. So I just wanted to let you know you helped me lose 2 pounds in the last 10 days! The 30 day shred totally added the extra bump to my daily workout. I can't wait to move onto level 2