Friday, February 4, 2011

Day 4: Interruptions

Last night I had a wonderful night out with some of my mom friends and I didn't have the extra time to blog about my experience for day four on that day. Hopefully, I can remember what happened!

I had decided to do the workout in the morning because I had to leave early that evening for book club with some of my mom friends. Soon after I got up I started the workout. I decided to continue with the workout in my bedroom because my computer was already set-up there and it was just easier to do it there. I started my workout and son #1 comes in the bedroom and he starts doing the warm-up with me. We have to swing our arms out and then bring them in and across our body (don't know what this would be called) and he was trying to do that. Then we had to do windmills with our arms. My son started doing those and then he sat down and said, "Easier to do on the ground." It was super cute watching him try to mimic me. After the warm-up he decided that he had had enough of that and left the room.

I started on the workout and I didn't go all out. I kind of followed the lady who does the beginners' moves. My quads and calves are still really sore and I just didn't feel up to pushing myself really hard. I didn't even attempt to do a full push-up and just did the modified ones and about as many as I normally do. I did feel better than what I had been feeling when I was working out and I think that it is because 1) It is day four and I am getting stronger and 2) My son interrupted my workout so much that I got to take lots of little breaks!

After my son left the room he went and got his toy car and brought it into the bedroom. This toy car is one that he sits in and moves by moving his feet (like a Flintstones car). Getting into my bedroom requires one to lift the car up and over part of our bed because some of the furniture was moved close together from when we got our new door put in. When he wanted the car over that part he would start whining and get louder and louder! I would have to stop and move it and then start the workout again (and no, he can't lift the car on his own!). Then when he got the car into our room he would proceed to drive it into me or move it right by me to make working out harder. When he wasn't doing that he was reaching up to my computer, on the dresser, and was pressing either the mouse pad or the space bar, which would cause the video to stop, jump ahead, or go backwards and I would have to fix it. It was a little annoying that I couldn't just do the video from start to finish without interruptions, but I secretly liked the breaks!!!

After the workout I felt really good and I was happy that I could do it in the morning. I feel a lot more motivated to get the workout done in the morning versus the evening.

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