Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 25: Level Three!

I finally moved on to level three and it was exciting to do a new workout! The warm-up was a little different and more difficult, but not all that hard. I thought that the strength moves were hard, but for some reason it felt like they were easier to me than level two was. It seems to me that my quads are my biggest issue. When they start to burn, which doesn't take much, I can't go for very long. In level three it seemed like a lot of the strength moves had to do with my arms. There were the jumping lunges and those hurt after a bit and I had to take a break. I think that the cardio portion was harder for me on this level then on level two. I did all of the cardio moves that were in this section and as the days go by I may have to modify them if my knee starts hurting.

This level I had the complete joy of having my toddler exercise with me. This time he was really into the exercising. It is a lot of fun to watch him watch the video and try and do the moves that are a little hard because his coordination isn't there yet. He did the warm-up with me and then started doing the strength moves with me. When we got to the "superman" move (not sure if this is what it is actually called) he decided that it would be fun to sit on mom's back. He sat on my back and didn't want to move, but I had to get my husband to take him off so that I could actually finish! After that he lost interest in exercising and came back once more to workout with me. I did have to take a few breaks because my quads were killing me, but I actually thought that I would do worse than what I actually did for this level!

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