Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 20: Cleaning

So level two was a big bust for me! I didn't workout on day 20 either, so that means that I missed three days. Yesterday was a busy busy day for me. In the morning we had gymnastics class and then we had friends coming over to take a look at our newly renovated living room and dining room. They were there to recommend paint colors because I have no interior decorating sense whatsoever. Since our friends were coming over we needed the house to be somewhat presentable. Having a toddler and a baby makes cleaning up difficult. Plus, the toddler seems to be like a tornado that comes through all the rooms of the house and he hasn't grasped the concept of picking up after himself. Also, our housekeeper's mother passed away and she has been gone for the whole month of February and won't be back until the beginning of March. This means that all of the dust and mess from the construction was still lingering around with all of the normal dust. I had some serious cleaning to do. I spent the rest of my day, until our friends came, cleaning up. I think that all of the calories I burned cleaning was equivalent or more than what I would have burned exercising, so I feel a little bit better about missing out on yesterday's exercising. After our friends came over we then left to a friend's house for a birthday celebration dinner with some friends. Once dinner was over we came home and passed out on the couch around 9pm because we were so tired!

I decided that I will continue to do level two today (day 21) and maybe I will also make up the other two days that I missed. I haven't decided yet. I am also hoping that on level three I don't miss as many days as I did in level two!

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