Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 13: Motivation

This blog was inspired by a friend's blog about her thirty days of trying to do Bikram Yoga each day. I really enjoyed reading her blog and it inspired me to do something too. I thought that the best thing to do would be to get back into exercising because I needed to start and this was the motivation to get me back into it. Now once I have started this blog I have heard that I have motivated a couple of people to start some exercise program too. It is really exciting to know that a couple of blogs has motivated some people to work out! I hope that my blog continues to motivate others to do stuff that I am doing.

Day three of the second level was a really good day. My husband and the boys went for a walk and I got my shred on. I was feeling great and really ready to exercise. I tried my best to give it my all. I have noticed that when I do the high knees portion on the cardio my right knee starts to hurt and this is not a good sign. When I was running my right knee would start to hurt and made it difficult to run because of how badly it hurt. I just hope that I don't mess it up doing this workout because I have a half marathon to train for that I will be doing in July. I would like to start running and hopefully I can get motivated enough to do that. I did have to stop and take a break once, but that is better than what I had been doing. I was also all sweaty and very red in the face after the workout and I attempted to get a picture, but the picture just looked like me and you couldn't tell that I had just worked out :)

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