Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 15: Cuteness Abounds

I got up and was ready to exercise since I had missed exercising yesterday. I got the video started on the TV and that piqued my son's interest. My son only gets to watch TV when he is either sick or if he goes pee or poop in his potty (this is a bribing technique that is working and we need him trained!). When the TV is on it is a little bit of a big deal for him and he gets very interested. I started my warm-up and he started it with me too. He joined me for the neck circles and the jumping jacks. When we were doing the jumping jacks he says, "those are hard." He then again said that jumping would be easier if he was wearing shoes, so off he went to put on my tennis shoes. When he had them on he came into the living room and was trying to jump with them on, but saw that it was not easy to jump with shoes that are much too big for him, so he told me that he had to go get his shoes so that he could jump. He went and got his sandals and put them on. He stayed with me for most of my workout and did some strength moves and even took my weights from me while I was doing cardio and was trying to lift them up. I was afraid that he would either drop the weights on me or himself and so I took them away promptly. Then when it was the ab time he would lay next to me and try and do the ab workout too. It was all so very cute and there was no way that I was going to be annoyed that he was making the workout a little bit hard for me to do because he would get in my way. I had my husband take some pictures of my son and if I wasn't feeling lazy right now I would upload them. One of these days I will just have to do a post with all of my pictures and videos that I have taken during this challenge.

My workout went really well and even though it was interrupted a lot by my son I didn't mind because he was just too cute! I am excited that he gets to see his mom exercise and he is interested in exercising with me. I hope that he continues to be interested in exercising with me and his dad when he gets older. I decided that I will not be doing a "double" today to make up for yesterday. Once again I am a bit tired this evening and I have gotten sucked into a whole bunch of TED talks and I am enjoying all them quite a lot. If you have some free time these talks are really great.

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