Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 8: I Heart Enzo (Sat 3/26)

Today I powered through and finished the rest of the book. It was a really easy read for me and reading it wasn't hard at all. This last part was all about the trial and what happens to Denny, Zoe, and Enzo. I can't remember if I mentioned it before (I could look, but I have a headache and am kind of too tired to do so), but I really didn't care for the whole statutory rape part in this book. I get that the author did it so that there would be some drama in the book and a question on whether or not Denny would get Zoe back. I don't know what the author could have done instead, but I didn't care for that storyline. Anyway, the book has a happy ending and I wouldn't be surprised if they make it into a movie (I am sure that one is already in the works). The part that really got to me was when Enzo was at the end of his life. It made me really sad and I didn't want to see Enzo die. It also really gets to me when I see animals in movies being put down. I thought about how I had no emotional reaction to Eve dying, but was very sad for Enzo. I guess that is what happens when you like a character in the book!

I give the book 3.5 stars. It was very easy to read and get through which is always a huge plus. The story was alright. I didn't like a lot of the plot points and some of the characters I didn't care for (like Eve, who I think you are supposed to care for a little bit)....Well, I have to go to bed and I just wanted to finish up this post. Sorry that I didn't get into more details, but if you want any more information or have a question let me know!

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