Friday, January 27, 2012

Day 10: Food Truck Fridays

Okay, so today wasn't a great day for me in the food department, but I consider today a special day and because I knew that I was eating bad I ran 3 miles! It is fun to start running again.

Egg, eggwhites, yogurt with maple syrup, granola, and blueberries

Woodranch's Natalie's salad (1/2 portion with maybe a tsp of dressing) and one roll...oh, I also had a few bites of Little Bub's smashed sweet potatoes.

Food Truck Friday!!! Fries and two burgers (they are the size of sliders) from The Patty Wagon Food Truck. I had the "You Are My Everything" and the "La Vie En Rose." They are so tasty! And since it was my 10th visit I got one burger and some fries for free!

Chicken Fried Rice
Rice crackers
Cookie/cracker type things
*I went to a playdate and they had a lot of food out that I grazed on :(

Okay, that is my day. Unfortunately, there will be no recipe for today because I didn't make anything and I am feeling a bit tired and would like to get some reading done!


  1. I'm just catching up on your blog. I love it! I cant wait to try all your recipes, esp. the cauliflower pizza. You're. Eating so well, I'm impressed.

    1. I'm trying! You should definitely try the cauliflower pizza crust. It was fairly easy and really tasty. Plus, their are not as many calories as regular pizza dough, which is a huge plus!

    2. "there" not "their" I know the difference and can't believe I made that mistake :) I'm tired!