Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 3: Paper Ghosts

Paper ghosts or Spinning Spirits from is the craft that we did yesterday.  The pictures on their website look so much better, but oh well!  One of these days I'll get around to figuring out how to take decent pictures :)!  We have actually been making a ton of these ghosts because Big Bubs has had such a fun time doing them an they are super easy to make.

Supply List:
-String (we used fishing wire)



Step 1: Draw a ghost shaped head and then make the body swirl around like a snail.  The ghost below is wearing sunglasses because he's a cool ghost!

BB drawing out the ghost
The ghost all drawn out (I had to fix the circle part)
Step 2:  Cut out the ghost and cut along the swirls until you reach the end.  BB has a hard time with the cutting so I mostly did it.

Step 3:  Cut a little hole in the top of the ghosts head and string some wire, yarn, or string through it and then hang it up.  Pull a little on the tail to make it come down.

Enjoy watching the ghost spin around.  BB has many of these ghosts hanging up in his room and has brought one to school to "scare" the kids.

This is a ghost that I made



p.s. On the original site they say to use poster board, which I am sure would make some awesome ghosts, but using regular paper for us worked just fine and it is what we have on hand all of the time!

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