Saturday, October 6, 2012

Day 4: Cheese Stick Fingers

I saw this idea on Pinterest from Our Best Bites and I thought that it would be a fun Halloween snack that would be easy to do.  They are a good representation of fingers and I loved the idea.

-String Cheese
-Sliced Almonds
-Jelly (preferably one that is colored pink/red)


Cut the cheese sticks in 1/2 (this also makes it more bite size and good for parties).  Then "shave" off the end of the cheese stick where you want the "nail" to go.  Take the back side of the knife (not the sharp side) and make three indentations into the cheese to form the finger joint.  Add a little jelly to the shaved off portion of the cheese stick and add the almond to it.  In the original post they used cream cheese, but I liked the look of pink/red jelly to give it a "blood" look.  I also added some jelly at the end of each cheese stick.

Enjoy the yummy treats!  Little Bubs really did.  BTW, I got his hair cut and it is a bit too short and not the best because he wasn't doing well staying still :(.  At least hair grows out!


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