Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 8: Mummy Juice Boxes

The Mummy Juice Boxes was actually an idea that I got from a friend that brought these to a Halloween party last year.  I thought that it was pretty genius.  I didn't look for a tutorial because it was simple enough for me to figure out.  I also happened to have all of the supplies on hand!  Good thing I like to have crafty stuff laying around my house because this challenge would have been even harder!

-Juice box(es)
-White tape.  I used masking tape
-Googly eyes


Step 1:
Take the straw off of the juice box and then wrap the white tape around the juice box.  Wrap it horizontally and diagonally to give it the mummy look.  I decided not to tape the bottom and top of the juice box so that the straw could easily be put in and so that they would stand flat.

Step 2:
Add on some googly eyes.  I just used the tape and put some on the back of the eyes and taped them to the box.  Then I got some tape and partially covered the eyes to give it a more authentic look (see the first & last picture in the post).

Step 3:
Tape the straw to the back and they are done!  Easy peasy!


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