Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 10-17 (Mon 3/28-Mon 4/4): Leisurely Reading

Today is Tuesday and I am finally getting all caught up in here and I didn't realize that I have been reading this book for over a whole week now. I really enjoy the book, but have found that I have not had as much extra time to read. I have also discovered that reading an actual book instead of my Kindle is harder to do! With the Kindle I can do one-handed reading no problem, but not so with a book. I have even accidentally dropped my book on the baby, oops! :( This book is 457 pages, which is almost double of the other books, so I still feel like I am doing well (I am at pg 341).

I love Isabel's style of writing and so far I am enjoying this book much more than The Art of Racing in the Rain. This novel is fiction, but a lot of the characters and what is going on in that time period is factual. I feel like not only am I getting a good story out of the book, but I am also getting a history lesson. It seems like it is a win-win for me! Once again Isabel does have the Magical Realism in this book that is present in so many of her other books, which I love. This time around I do think that it isn't as prevalent, but it is still there. She has one character named Tante Rose who is like a witch doctor and practices voodoo and has all these natural ways to cure everything. Isabel also has strong female characters, which I love! I really like the characters Violette and Loula in this book. It is fun to see how great they are as business women! I really feel like most of the characters are good people. Even Valmorian, who is the main male character who is the slave owner and father to Zarite's (the main character) children. I know that slavery isn't good, but he could have been a much worse person during that time.

Well, I just wanted to write a short little something because my sister-in-law is in town and she has my toddler and my baby is actually sleeping in his crib!!! We are on day 3 of sleep training and so far it seems like it is going well.

Hopefully, I will try and do this blog a little bit more often!

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