Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 18: Two days in a row

Hard to believe that I am writing in here two days in a row! Since I got sort of all caught up with a short post yesterday I am able to write in here about yesterday when everything is still fresh in my mind! I started out on pg. 341 and ended on pg. 390 (49 pages). During these pages I was reminded that the main male character, Valmorian, had raped Tete and so I have to retract my statement from yesterday that he is a "good" character. I know that he isn't a great person, but Allende could have made him so much worse than what she did and I am glad that he isn't too extreme, but I still don't like his actions!

During these pages I learned about France selling Louisiana to the Americans for 15 million, which ended up being a few cents per acre! I wish that I could buy some land for that much! It was also interesting to read that everyone in Louisiana thought that there was no way that they would have to speak English, like the Americans, and take on American culture, which they thought was inferior! I also think that if I would have learned history in a more interesting manner, like novels like these, I think that I would have enjoyed it more and actually done better in that subject!

I won't go too much into details of what is going on in the book incase you want to read it :) I am going to go chop up some sweet potatoes and veggies for dinner tonight. Both boys are sleeping and that means I have at least a free half hour!

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