Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 26: Exhausted

The morning was great because my toddler was in preschool and the baby took an hour nap, but during this time I caught up on some Biggest Loser. I am really liking this season and since I had the peace and quiet of the morning I wanted to spend it watching that versus reading. Unfortunately, my day did not lend me a lot more free time to read. The baby refused to nap in the afternoon and that in turn made him really cranky and very needy. Then the toddler was being a pill! Plus, I have a friend that just had a baby and I offered to bring her a meal and yesterday was my day to do that. So, that meant that I was cooking a dinner for her in the afternoon. The day was very taxing. Then we went and dropped off the food and my toddler was being so good there, but all of a sudden when we had to get into the car he turned into this cranky, crabby, and mean kid! I had to fight him to get in the carseat and then once he got home he was still in a horrible mood with both my husband and me. Once we finally got the both boys down to sleep, which was way past their bedtimes, I sat on the couch and started reading. I read about 10 pages and fell asleep reading. After waking up and trying to read a little more before falling asleep I called it quits and just went to bed around nine.

I didn't read the 45 pages that I was supposed to, but rather 27 pages (I was able to get a few in here and there during the day). In these pages Irene (Ignatius' mom) is talking to her new best friend Santa (yes, that is her name!) about how bad she feels that Ignatius is a hot dog vendor and how she didn't pay for him to go to school to become that. Of course, she is acting just as Ignatius hoped she would, but Santa is trying to convince Irene that she shouldn't back down and should make Ignatius keep the job. Santa is an "in your face" character and here is a quote from her when she is talking to her granddaughter, "Get the hell away from that stove, Charmaine, and go play out on the banquette before I bust you right in the mouth." Yikes! She is definitely a believer in physical punishment!

Okay, time to go because I was requested to go in our guest bedroom. I wonder what my toddler has in store for me!

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