Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 25: Extra reading

Since I knew that I had to read 45 pages a day for the next six days, today I really wanted to try and read some extra pages. Luckily, I was able to accomplish that. Makes me feel a little better that I got some extra reading in, but not much. I read a total of 58 pages today.

During these pages Ignatius starts a rebellion at his job only to have it end up turning on him and him getting fired. Then as he is walking home he happens upon a hot dog place and ends up being convinced to be a hot dog vendor. He really only does it because he thinks that his mom will be so upset that the job he has found is a hot dog vendor, since that is a very lowly profession that only bums do. It is funny because during the job he ends up eating most of the hot dogs and then tells the owner that he got robbed. Unfortunately, the owner believes him which seems really crazy to me because you would think that a big fat guy who has already eaten some free hot dogs from you would eat some more given his own cart.

While Ignatius is going about his business there is another Character named Jones who is this black guy that we first met at the beginning of the book. He was in jail when the Grandpa that Mancuso arrested was brought in. During this time Jones hears about this guy wearing a green hunting cap (Ignatius). Now that Jones is out and working in a bar/strip club he keeps hearing about this guy with the green hunting cap and all that he is doing. Of course, what he is hearing about isn't quite the same as what is going on, but to Jones he thinks that the guy with the green hunting cap is this big time criminal who is getting away with a lot and causing a lot of trouble.

I am still enjoying the book and I am very interested to see how everything is going to turn out. I am almost halfway done with the book!

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