Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 27: Laugh Out Loud

There was a section in this book where I was literally laughing out loud. I usually don't do that with a book, but this one had me cracking up. I also am not sure that other people would think that it was as funny as I did. The part that made me laugh was when Ignatius runs into this guy who he met earlier in the book and they start talking about Mancuso because they see him in the disguise following someone in the French Quarter (where they are at). The guy says that him and his friends love seeing what disguises Mancuso is going to wear and start discussing all of the favorite characters that Mancuso has. He then says, "We've had him arrested twice for making indecent proposals. That's always wonderfully confusing to the police. I do hope that we haven't gotten him in too much trouble, for he's close to our hearts." I really feel for Mancuso and he is definitely my favorite character. During these pages that I read Mancuso gets out of bathroom duty and is now back on the streets trying to bring in a bad guy.

Ignatius is still working as a hot dog vendor and still not making money and eating more than he is selling. His mom is still hanging out with Santa who is trying to get her to get rid of Ignatius. There are more characters in the book, that I haven't mentioned yet, but two of them that I like reading about are Mr. and Mrs. Levy. They are the owners of the plant that Ignatius got fired from. Mr. Levy inherited this plant from his father and he hasn't done anything to improve the business because he hated his father and doesn't want the business. His wife is constantly on her husband for ruining the business and not making her life, or their daugthers', lives better. The banter between the two is funny and Mrs. Levy seems a bit crazy. Now that I think about it, all of these characters are a bit depressing and pathetic people, but I like the writing of Toole and I get a good imagery of what the characters are like.

I read 69 pages tonight! I figured that I needed to read about 65 pages to be on track with the 45 pages a day for the rest of the time. I could probably read some more, but I am kind of tired. Oh, I find that when I am reading the parts in the book where Ignatius or Myrna are writing I am falling asleep. Those parts really bore me. I guess that I like the interaction between the characters and when they are writing it is just long and boring for me. Plus, they are some of my least favorite characters in the book.

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