Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 19: Incest, yuck!

I just got to a part in the book where there is incest going on and that really grosses me out! The two characters were only half brother and sister and they were never directly told that they were half siblings, but when they were confronted with the news when they wanted to be together they said that they had always known all along. I just could never ever see being in love with a sibling! I recently saw a headline in the news about a brother and sister being separated for thirty years and then meeting on a blind date. That would be an awkward situation, especially if you at first liked the other person in a romantic way. Whenever I hear or read about incest I always think of the book Middlesex and that incestuous relationship with the grandparents.

I didn't read too much today because I was busy organizing all of our pictures on Picasa. I think that we hadn't uploaded any of our photos for a few months and after we did we had over 300 that I wanted to organize and label. Definitely by Thursday I will have finished the book!

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