Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 22: This seems so familiar

I have been pleasantly surprised with this book and I am really enjoying it. The characters really crack me up. It is funny because as I was reading it I kept thinking, "Ingatius (the main character) reminds me so much of someone. Who is it?" Then it finally came to me who he reminded me of! It is an old coworker from one of my previous jobs. The guy was very full of himself and thought that he was the greatest at everything and would boast about it to everyone, but at the same time he was a bit of a slob in his appearance. Now when I am reading the book I am thinking about my old coworker as Ingatius. It also seems to me that Ingatius may be slightly autistic. I think that I may have read somewhere, when looking up information on this book, that other people have thought the same thing. Ignatius seems really socially awkward and I think that is where I am basing my thoughts on.

I also really like how the author has written the dialect in the book. I get a real sense for how these people talk without it being hard to read. I had some passages highlighted in the Kindle that I was going to put on the blog, but the Kindle is out of sight right now and I am feeling incredibly lazy and don't want to get up to get it. They were just a couple of silly things the characters said.

My favorite character right now is Angelo Mancuso. He is a police officer who ends up arresting people that shouldn't have been arrested (he isn't very good at his job) and so his sergeant decides that he is going to be put on "undercover" duty to bring in a suspicious character. To be undercover Mancuso is forced to wear these ridiculous disguises when he goes out. Each of the disguises are pretty funny and the things that happen to him because of the disguises are pretty funny.

I started on page 13 and read 55 pages. Most of the pages that I read was in the car waiting for my husband and son to finish their shopping trip at Lowe's! I love when I get these small free moments to read :)

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