Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 24: Out of Control!

Today was a very bad day in the food department! I had one of my very good friends visiting us, from out of the country, for the day, so I gave myself a free pass for eating bad because we were supposed to eat all of the things that she can't get where she lives! Needless to say, there will not be a recipe.

Here it goes!

Pumpkin pancakes with maple syrup (the pancake mix is from Trader Joe's)

In-N-Out hamburger, protein style
A tray of fries (this really did me in and I wasn't planning on eating all of my fries, but they were so darned good!)

Indian Fry Bread (8-inch) with bean and beef chili, tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese on top

Frozen Yogurt with cheesecake bits, cookie dough bits, shaved coconut, carmel pieces, granola, and blueberries (the toppings were very minimal of each).

As you can see I splurged today :( Unbelievably, it appears that I just barely burned more calories then what I ate!

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