Sunday, February 26, 2012

Challenge #5: Reflection

I finished this challenge and I have been thinking that it really helped me eat better while I was doing it. I found that once I was done with the blog I was still thinking in my head, "I shouldn't eat that because I have to blog about it and I don't want it to look bad." I think that I was doing a better job at controlling what I ate when I did the blog. As you can see from my posts, I didn't eat super healthy all of the time (those darn goldfish crackers and TJs cookies!). I have also realized that I am still searching for new recipes that are healthy to try out. Usually, I have my go-to recipes, but it seems like there is always at least a couple to a few new recipes that I try out each week. Although, a new recipe makes it harder for me because I have to enter in all of the information to figure out how many calories I am probably eating. I'm still eating Kale and loving it! I now have to step up my exercising and start running more because I have a half marathon in July to do!

I have an idea of what I want my next challenge to be, but I am not sure when I will start it. It should be an interesting one!


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