Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 11: Video

Technically this is not a photo, but I thought that it would be fun to add a video in here. BB has never ridden a horse or a pony before. We have been to other petting zoos and places where he has had the opportunity to ride them, but he has always refused. I think that he was too afraid to do so. His preschool had a petting zoo come to school on Friday and I knew that a pony was going to be there. My husband and I talked to him about not being afraid of the horse and told him that they were a lot of fun to ride. I had wanted to come back to school to see BB with the animals and hopefully get some video of him riding a pony. LB was taking a long nap and I had to wake him up to go, but I am glad that I did. When I pulled up BB was on the pony!!! I was so excited to see this. I think that he was really excited to see me. I got out my Flip Video Camera and I hit the button to start recording and it says, "No more space," or something to that effect! Darn! Then I get out my iPhone and it was taking a long time to get the camera to load. Finally it loaded and I got some video, but it wasn't that great and then the ride was done :( Luckily, his preschool is fairly small so all of the kids got to ride the pony again. This time I deleted some videos that I know had already been downloaded to my computer and got this video and another one. I am looking forward to getting more videos of him riding horses in the future!!!

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