Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 9: Water Photo

When I realized that today was "water photo" day I thought that yesterday's picture would have been a great one to use. I wasn't planning on doing any water activities today, so I was thinking, "What should I take a picture of?" On my way to pick up BB from preschool I got a call from the teacher. She said that he had pooped in his pants and won't let anyone change him :( This is the first time that he has ever done that and I should give you a little background on him. Once we got him potty trained he had (& still has) an issue with privacy when he is going to the bathroom. He likes to pee and poop with no one around. He even has to have the door closed and locked! I understand the need for privacy when going to the bathroom, but you can imagine this is not a very conducive habit for preschool. They have three toilets all in one big open room. The kids are free to go potty when they want, but there are also times in the day where the whole class goes together to the bathroom. The teachers have told us that BB doesn't like to be in the bathroom with other kids and he even prefers some of the teachers over the others and they have it worked out now so that he feels comfortable going to the bathroom. Well, this is all because he is only going #1. He has never pooped at school and I think that when he was at school and he realized he had to poop he freaked out and didn't want to go to the bathroom. Then because he was so embarrassed by pooping in his pants he didn't want anyone to get near him. He barely let me change him. I REALLY wished that he didn't let me change him because I dry-heaved a couple of times from the smell, yuck!!!!!

Anyway, that is probably a little TMI for anyone reading this, but it leads to my water picture. Since BB had pooped in his pants and then hung out in those pants for a bit he needed a bath that night (I did manage to wipe up all of the poop at the preschool, but still thought it was a good idea for a bath). This is him in the bath having a GREAT time! I really would have loved it if LB could have gotten in on the bath action because he needs one (that is a whole other story that I won't get into!), but BB will not be nice to LB in the bath, so they have to take them separately. Plus, LB was really tired and ready for bed when it was bath time. Sorry about all of the poop in this post! I am sure that BB will not be happy about this post when he is older :)


  1. I love poop stories. They almost always make me laugh.

  2. That was hilarious to read. But so sorry that you had to deal with it.