Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 20: Sunset or Sunrise Photo

Since I am never awake for a sunrise I knew that I would have to take a sunset picture. So last night I kept waiting for the sun to go down (it took forever!) and I went into my backyard and took this picture. It isn't a great picture and the sunset isn't all that great, but it is all that I had to work with. My house is surrounded by a ton of other houses and I am on the bottom of a hill, so there are not great views. I also was just tired and wanted to get the picture taken. The one cool thing is that I managed to snap the picture with an airplane in it :)

Also, this morning I was up before the sun because LB is not sleeping well at all. I think that he may have a cold, which is causing his horrible sleeping the past few nights. I laughed a little because I thought, "of course I would be awake for a sunrise after I just took my sunset picture the night before!" The sunrise did look prettier, but oh well! Here is to hoping that I don't see another sunrise for awhile!


  1. That's a pretty great shot! Unfortunately, I am often up with the sunrise, I'll send you a pic ;)

  2. Just made it through the picture challenge posts. Very interesting, as usual, Heather. I am not a stalker but I am now following you. ;)