Monday, August 22, 2011

Day 18: Someone or Something sleeping

I was really hoping that I could sneak a picture of either of the boys sleeping, but that was out of the question! Little Bubs takes naps, but he wakes up pretty easily when there are noises, so I decided that I wouldn't risk accidentally waking him up. Then Big Bubs only sleeps during the night and by the time he is in bed it is too dark and I am sure that a bright flash would wake him up. The easiest subjects for this day would be the animals. All they seem to do is sleep, so this would be an easy photo to take. Bella is my cat who is sleeping on the chair. She is the crankiest cat that we have, but she tends to hang out in the living room more than the other cats. On the couch is Bella's cousin Bug. Bug was visiting us for the day and when he does visit he just mostly sleeps on the couch. It is pretty funny because those two are always sleeping in close proximity of one another, but always with a barrier!

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