Monday, August 8, 2011

Day 6: Animal Photo

Yesterday we went to this animal rescue place called The Gentle Barn. It was the coolest place. They had a ton of farm animals that you could touch and get really close to. We have gone to other "petting zoo" type places and we have never had the opportunity to get as close to some of the animals as we could here. My favorite animals had to be the cows! They were the sweetest. The cow in this picture is Buttercup. She was rescued from a backyard butcher. She was really malnurished and was pregnant, but because of her poor health her baby only lived seven months. The people working at this rescue thought that Buttercup would not be a friendly cow because of what she had gone through, but she ended up being a very friendly and maternal cow. Any cow that comes in will be mothered by Buttercup. She was so sweet, gentle, and beautiful. The cow behind her is the first cow that was rescued by this "shelter." I can't remember that cow's name, but she is the nicest cow ever! She is the cow that you could go and snuggle with and give hugs too. She is the only animal that can be surrounded by people in wheelchairs without freaking out. She is about 12 years old and such a sweet soul.

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