Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 28: A First Photo

I am not sticking to my plan again because I ended up taking a picture of something else that I wanted to post about instead. A friend of mine was going to be out of town, so she gave me her tickets to the LA Dodger's baseball game. I thought that it would be something really fun to take Big Bubs too. It would be his very first baseball game. We don't have TV, so he has no idea about sports and we talked to him for about a week about what baseball was and how much fun it was going to be. He was very excited about it and was so close to not being able to go because he was being mean to his brother, but he ended up redeeming himself and we went (Little Bubs stayed home because it was his bedtime). We got to the game and BB seemed very interested in it all. When we sat down in our seats BB was only interested in the seats and not so much the game. He kept getting in and out of the seat. He would get out and watch the seat go up, and then he would pull the seat down and get in it and do the whole process over. It was really cute to watch. Whenever the crowd would clap, he would join them too. A family sitting next to us was really into the game and they would yell things out and that would make BB yell some random things out too because he thought that is what you are supposed to do. We also got some peanuts and BB enjoyed opening the shells up and tossing them on the ground. BB told us at the end of the 4th inning that he was tired and wanted to go home (it was past his bedtime). We left the game, but had a really nice time. BB even got to see a home run! This photo is of him in our seats at the game.

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