Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 4: Friends Photo

I am veering off from my original list of photo days, but I warned you that I would do this :)! Some of my friends from a moms group that I belong to were going out for the evening. I was looking forward to this night for a few reasons: 1) I got to hang out with some cool ladies 2) I got to go out without the kids 3) I got to get a little dressed up and wear a bit of make-up, which I never do. We went to a Polynesian themed dive bar that was interesting! We got there and there were not a lot of people there and the bar was smaller than what it looked like on the internet. The table that we are at in the picture was previously occupied by some people and all of us were crammed into this small booth and needed more room. Luckily, the people left and we got the bigger booth. The bartender seemed not to know how to make drinks, which was a little weird. The bar had a tropical list of drinks on every table that probably totaled about 20-25 drinks. The bartender had to look up directions on how to make every single one of them and he didn't appear to be a new bartender because the website states that he is there every Friday night. Two of the ladies that got drinks were told to taste a sip of the drink to see if the wine or the soda was bad. It appears that both were bad!

Overall, it was fun though. I got to hang out with some great friends and laughed a lot. I was the DD and even without the alcohol I had a great time! I do have to say that I didn't get home until midnight (way later than when I go to bed) and then both boys were not sleeping well so I didn't go to bed until after 1am and then I was up at 6am. It was like I was hungover today because I was so tired and my eyes and head hurt from the lack of sleep.

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