Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 24: House/Home Photo

I decided not to take a picture of the outside of my house because it is pretty boring! A brown and tan house with a lot of brown paint that is faded with some lovely 70s style rocks on the house with a boring lawn and driveway that completes the outside! I thought that a picture that would best represent my house for what it is known for would be our formal living room, aka the DISCO ROOM! I think that most of you that read this know the story, but if you don't here it goes: Before I knew my husband he bought this house and was living in it all bachelor style. He got emailed something from a friend about this new show that was going to renovate your house in seven days and they were looking to do a Star Trek themed renovation. Being the geek that he is he decided that he would sign-up for it because he couldn't lose anything and the house was a blank canvas because it was a bachelor pad. Well, the producers came to the house and looked at it and they said let's do something 70s because your house is very 70s. 1) Yes, it is very 70s and we are slowly doing upgrades to make it not look so 70s and 2) THANK GOD they didn't stick to the plan of doing a Star Trek home! Since the show was an "extreme" makeover they decided to do 70s Disco Party! For a week my husband and his two roommates lived in a trailer outside while the house was renovated. In the living room they put in a light up disco floor (it even goes with the music). They put in a huge disco ball that comes in and out of the attic. They added furniture, and some cool lighting. In the dining room they put in shag carpeting (they put it in throughout the whole house too!), added a 70s table and light fixture. They made the bar area into a stylish 70s bar. In the bedroom they made a rotating bookcase that has a wet bar on the other side. This bookcase also opens up into the bathroom. The coolest thing was the round rotating bed. When I first saw the place it was very much like something out of the Austin Power's movies.

We have gotten rid of a lot of the stuff (including the round rotating bed because a regular bed was more fitting), but we do not want to get rid of our disco floor. It is cool having a disco floor and people seem to love it. The area has become the kids' play area and it is a perfect space for it. People refer to our house as the "Disco House." That is why I thought it was appropriate to have a picture of the disco room.


  1. I never knew this... it is fascinating

  2. I love the disco floor and I bet the boys do too! Such lucky guys to grow up in such a GROOVY house.