Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Day 15: Something Old Photo

Today's challenge has been a hard one for me. I was going to do it a couple of days ago, but I couldn't think of anything that was "old." There is this tree that is 600 years old, but that would require me to drive a half hour and pay some money to get into the place where it is at and I didn't feel like doing that. Then this week I was planning on going to the beach with some friends and I thought that taking a picture of the Ocean would be a great one for something old. You really can't get much older than the Ocean, right? Well, that idea was thrown out the window because there is no way that I can watch both boys with just myself. BB likes to be in the water and LB just wants to crawl around and eat sand. If I had someone coming with me to watch one of the boys it wouldn't have been so challenging. I had been thinking and thinking of what to take a picture of. I thought of my house, but then I realized that my husband is older than the house and I should just take a picture of him. I was getting out the camera tonight to take a picture of him and I saw his watch. I asked him if the watch was older than he was and he said, "yes!" The watch isn't that much older than him, but it is and even though it isn't that old in the scheme of things it will have to do!

His watch is a 1969 Omega Speedmaster Pro. This watch came from my Father in-law. My husband and his siblings didn't know that this watch existed until recently. My husband is a watch officiando (okay, not really but he knows his watches) and ended up with the watch and was thrilled about it. He is also looking forward to one day passing it on to either of the boys. This watch is the watch that they wore on the moon and for more information on the story you should read this blog post. A pretty cool watch, if you ask me :)

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