Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 3: Kid(s) Photo

I am a little behind on posting, but I did not forget to take the pictures! I just got a little busy, but here they are!

I decided to go with two pictures for this post. I wanted a picture of my Big and Little Bubs together, but getting that picture is hard to do! BB (Big Bubs) likes to bother LB (Little Bubs), so most of the time I am trying to keep the two away from one another and trying to get a picture of them together is not possible. BB was in a good mood today and I asked him if he would get on the couch with his brother. He was very happy to do so. I put them on the couch and then got out the camera fast. LB has started crawling and he no longer will just sit in one place. This meant that I had to be fast on the camera taking. I got the first picture and I was pleased that both of them looked happy, but then I realized that BB was not in focus. I really wanted to try and get another picture. LB was not into having any more pictures taken and was trying to get off of the couch, but I was holding him back and he was not happy and started crying. That is when I got the second shot. The second one BB is in focus and LB is not. I figured that I would put both pictures up because you can see one of them in focus in each shot and it kind of represents my struggle with trying to get pictures with a toddler and an active baby!

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