Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 5: Garden Photo

I was really hoping that I would have a garden with some veggies in it, but no such luck (kind of). I planted my vegetable garden in early July this year because I was just so busy with lots of other stuff. This year my husband made all of these planter boxes because the soil in our backyard is really clay and so hard to dig in and work with. The boxes seem like they are a good addition. I decided that I would take a shot of all of my plants in the back. The front box in the front on the far left is the one that is doing the best. I planted squash, corn, and beans there. The squash is taking off and there is one zucchini that is growing. Then the six stalks of corn have really flourished and we can see the tassels on the corn, which is pretty cool. This is my first time growing corn and it is pretty easy! Then the boxes on the right hand side have tomatoes, basil, cantaloupe, and a cucumber plant. The tomato plants look like they are doing well, but no tomatoes yet.

As you can see our chickens roam free (that is Foghorn our Leghorn) in the picture. The chickens love to munch on greens and will destroy my garden if left to their own devices. That meant that we had to put netting all around my garden, which is kind of a pain, but if it was not there all of the plants would have already been eaten. It should be interesting trying to pick the veggies with that netting. Overall, I am happy with what I am getting for how late in the game I started everything. Next year I am sure that it will be much easier!

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