Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 11: Having My Husband Home

Sorry that I am a few days behind on this blog, but we have been sick and have had house guests.

On this day I was very thankful that my husband was back from his work trip. He had been gone for six days and it was nice having him back home! Taking care of both boys by myself was manageable, but it is so much easier when there are two of us! Also, Little Bubs was just at the beginning of his fevers and it was nice having someone else to help take care of him during the middle of the night when he would wake-up. My husband also told me that his work requested that he go to Tokyo from where he was at, but he declined. For this I am really thankful because having him gone for two weeks would have been even harder!

I am also thankful for the Veterans and having a very cool 11/11/11 day!

Big Bubs is thankful for, "(babbling here)." When I would ask him he would just babble and I couldn't get anything out of him.

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