Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 18: Preschool and Teachers

Today I am thankful for Big Bubs preschool and his teachers! Every day that it is a preschool day it is really hard to get him to go because he wants to stay home, but when I go and pick him up all he wants to do is stay there and play! I am thankful for the place because it allows BB to run around a lot outside. We don't have much of a backyard, so he misses out on running around a lot. At preschool he also gets to do arts and crafts projects every day that he is there. At home I always have good intentions to do A&C projects, but it gets kind of hard trying to organize something when there is also LB to take care of. At school he gets to play with kids his age! BB is not a very social kid, but I think that it is really good that he has some time to play with kids that are around his age. The Director of the school said that BB is even becoming a lot more social and hanging out with the kids and playing with them. She said that he laughs so much now, which is an awesome thing to hear! The teachers there are so incredibly nice and I definitely recognize that they do a job that I feel I could not do. Having the patience to deal with the personalities of 2-4 year olds can be very tough! I am also thankful that when BB is at school I get some alone time with Little Bubs and that time is really treasured by me!

BB is thankful for, "Dad taking me to school." He seems to be on a Dad kick again :)

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