Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 9: Skype

Today I am thankful for Skype! It is really incredible that I can talk to people (while seeing them) halfway across the world on my computer for free! The boys have been "talking" to their dad constantly on Skype since they were little. My parents live about an eight hour drive away from us, but they still get to see the boys frequently because of Skype. It is really so cool and I am very thankful that we have it. Big Bubs knows how Skype works and he likes calling and hanging up on people. He also likes using the emoticons and sometimes gets carried away with using those and not paying attention to the person on Skype :)

Big Bubs is thankful for, "helping Natalie clean-up." This was a surprise that he said that! My niece is here and I had asked him to clean-up and I told him that Natalie could help him. After I put Little Bubs to sleep I came out and all of the toys were picked up. I asked Natalie if BB helped out and she said that he did a little bit, but not very much :( He doesn't like to clean-up and it is like pulling teeth and there is usually some bribing or threatening of taking away toys to get him to do it. That is why I was surprised that he was thankful for helping clean-up!

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