Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 16: Friendly Stray Dogs

Today I am thankful for friendly stray dogs. Today I was sitting on the couch and I see this flash of brown walk by my sliding glass door and I thought, "Did I leave Lucy (my dog) outside all this time?" I went and opened the door and it wasn't Lucy! It was another dog that was her height and very similar to her coloring. I was very confused on how this stray dog got in my backyard because my side gates are closed. The only thing I could think of was that the dog got into the neighbor's yard (the one behind me) and then either fell or jumped down from their yard into mine. The dog looked very scraggly and had a collar on, but no tag. She (we determined it was a she) seemed friendly, but I didn't want to take a chance and get too close. I brought her out some food and water and it was really happy about that. She would come to the back door a lot and just look in :( My sister in-law, who is a dog lover, came over and she befriended the dog and got the dog to come by her and then the dog just laid down right by where she was sitting. It was so cute. The dog just seemed like she wanted and needed some love and attention. The dog was super stinky and it looked like it might have had mange because it was missing a lot of hair around her legs and bottom and was scratching a lot. The dog never barked or growled and just seemed like a sweet dog. She would come and sit or lie by our back door and just wait for us to come by it. I had called animal control earlier in the day because there was nothing that I could do with this dog. Plus, I wasn't sure if the dog had mange and I didn't want to touch it. Animal Services came and the lady was so nice! She was very friendly to the dog and gentle. The dog was a little hard to catch because she kept running away, but the lady finally got her. When she did, the lady was surprised at how easily the dog went into the van and commented on how well behaved this dog is. We did find out that the dog tested negative for mange, which was great, but she has to have something else going on. I hope that whatever she has is treatable and that someone will adopt her, but I doubt that will happen :( I am very thankful that this stray that ended up in our backyard was so friendly! I couldn't imagine if we had some angry and viscous dog back there. I also feel as though the dog was very thankful for the food, water, treats, and attention she got when she was in our backyard because I am sure she hasn't had that in a long time!

Big Bubs is thankful for, "dad." Then I asked him why he was thankful for Dad and he said, "because I love dad." Very sweet!

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