Monday, November 14, 2011

Day 13: No Fevers!

I can't even tell you how thankful I am that Little Bubs finally broke his fever this evening (Sunday evening, even though I am writing this on Monday)! When my kids have a fever I am super freaked out, like previously mentioned (if you would like to know why click here). LB's temp got up to 104.6! Temperatures that high are no joke. I know that his body was working to get rid of what he had, but it was scaring the crap out of me! I wasn't sleeping well and all I wanted to do was take LB's temperature. When I took his temp on Sunday night it was back to 98 degrees! Then in the morning it was at a low 99. Throughout the whole day it stayed at 98 and I was so happy! Then when I went to give him a bath in the evening I noticed that he had a rash all over his back and stomach! Once I saw that I immediately knew what he had. He had roseola. Nathan had this before and once I saw the rash it explained everything. The symptoms made perfect sense and I feel a big sense of relief that I know what it was that was causing him to be sick. I don't know how my kids got the herpes virus already and who they got it from, but hopefully that since they got it they are now going to be immune and not ever have it again!

BB is thankful for, "Dad fixing my bike." We got BB a balance bike because we felt it was time. We were going to get it for Christmas, but decided to not wait and just get it now. We also didn't want to have to travel around with the big bike during the holidays. BB really likes the bike and he was happy that his dad put it together.

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