Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 2: The Blanket Lizard

I am thankful for the blanket lizard. What is a blanket lizard you may be asking yourself? It is a blanket that is blue with white polka dots on one side and white with blue polka dots on the other side. I got it as one of my baby shower gifts for Big Bubs (BB) almost four years ago. I started putting that blanket in his crib after he turned a year old and he just grew really attached to it. Probably around 2 1/2 he started saying that his blanket was a lizard and then it became the blanket lizard. He sleeps with this blanket every night and likes to carry it around with him everywhere. It is his main comfort. Well, today he took the blanket lizard to school and I didn't realize it, so when I went to get him I didn't get the blanket lizard! When it was bedtime and he was looking for his blanket lizard and we realized it was at school, it was horrible :( A huge meltdown ensued and it was then that I realized that I was really thankful for that blanket lizard because it makes bedtime go so much smoother!

Here's a picture of the blanket lizard (I would love to buy another one to have on hand, but they are no where to be found!)

BB is thankful, "for Dad." I see some sort of trend going on here with BB :)

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